AQA Psychology Course Content

Introductory Topics

This paper for AS and A level students looks at social influences such as conformity and obedience, cognitive psychology models of memory, the developmental psychology of attachment, and the psycopathological conditions of phobias, depression, and OCD.

Psychology in Context

This paper for AS and A level students looks at how psychology works in practice. This covers the origins of psychology as well as various approaches to the study of the mind, such as the cognitive and biological approaches. This topic also covers research methods.

Issues and Options

This paper is only required for A level students and covers a range of psychological issues. The exam allows students to pick from a choice of questions on issues including relationships, gender, aggression, schizophrenia, eating behaviour, stress, and addiction.

Course textbook

A quick and colourful revision guide!

Short and snappy explanations of syllabus topics for all 3 papers, clearly identified AO3 evaluation points, exam technique section with example answers, and glossary of key terms – in under 200 pages!

AQA psychology revision guide for years 1 and 2 >>>

Practice Papers with A* Model Answers

Revise the course content and exam technique simultaneously!

Practice papers and A* grade model answers based on the format of the AQA psychology A-level exam papers: Introductory topics (7182/1), psychology in context (7182/2), and issues and options (7182/3).

Practice papers with A* model answers >>>

Mock Exam Papers

Downloadable and printable PDF files for teachers. Realistic mock exam papers closely based on the format of the AQA Psychology A-level (7182) exam papers, with detailed mark schemes for easy and reliable marking.

Mock exam papers based on the AQA 7182 format >>>

Exam Guide

Information on the exam format and assessment objectives for the AS and A level papers, as well as exam dates for 2023.

Exam guide >>>


Comprehensive list of definitions of key words that come up in the course, with links to the relevant pages for more detail.

Key psychology terms >>>